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Our Religion


Umiya Mataji: Our Idol (symbol) & Strength of Unity

In Sane 156 (Vikram Samvat 212) desire of we are all children of MA UMIYA came out. Even after 2000 years the same strong desire exists. Desire and confidence in Ma Umiya has increased every year. In year 1976 at Unjha, Ma Umiya’s 18th centenary celebrations were held. In those celebrations of 5 days, from 25.11.1976 to 29.11.1976, 1.8m Kadwa Patidars came to see (DARSHAN) Ma Umiyaji. That showed great unity and togetherness.

The Legend has it that in 1899, Umiya Mataji appeared in the dream of one Rattan Baba of Devda village in Kutiyana and told him that her idol would be found at a particular spot in Sidsar village. Excavation at the spot yielded the idol of the goddess in the form that it is worshipped even today. The idol was found in all its finery, with jewellery, and an aura of fragrance. A temple was built for Umiya Mataji for all Kadwa Patidars in the Saurastra region to worship. The Patidars believe Umiya Mataji grants her devotees whatever they crave for.

Sidsar is a small village of some 2,000 people in Jam-Jodhpur Taluka about 120 km away from Jamnagar District and Gujarat State.

The centenary celebration (Shatabdi Mahotsav) took place from April 22 to 26 1999 in Sidsar. It was estimated that more than two million visitors, mainly Patels (Patidar), visited this small village.

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